• Do you have out of control cravings even when you are not hungry?

  • Do you wake up overwhelmed, burnt out and dreading your day?

  • Do you have desires that seem “impossible” and so you have settled for a life you are not happy with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. You do not have to be a victim to food, fear, or low self esteem.

The above are symptoms due to neglected areas of your life that need attention. I can help you learn how to discover what these areas are and fix them so you can finally get the body and life you dream of!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up energetic, happy and proud of yourself every day!!??

  “My body and my life has changed SO much in such a short space of time working with Christine Campbell (and I have tried a LOT of things!). I was struggling with fatigue, excess weight, body pain and low mood. Now I feel like I’m getting my life back.” Kimberley Jones


I’m Christine Campbell, Health, Happiness and Life Coach and founder of Glamorously Healthy! I am SO excited to welcome you to my site! Glamorously Healthy is all about providing you with the tools to live your life at it’s Healthiest so you are Happy and Feel Absolutely Beautiful inside and out!

My expertise is in weight loss through natural foods, fitness, positive mindset mastery, confidence and self-empowerment enhancement, and living your life with purpose.

The benefits from applying my tips to your life, and better yet coaching with me personally include the following;

  • Falling IN LOVE with your life!
  • Weight loss and increased energy through nourishing your body with natural, unprocessed foods
  • Improved Sleep
  • Lowered Stress
  • Mastering Positive Mindset
  • Fitness Plans and the tools to stay Motivated
  • The ability to say no and be completely OK with that!
  • Learning Delicious Healthy Recipes
  • Attracting LOVE and improving your current Relationships
  • Creating a Career you LOVE
  • Living with Peace
  • Facing your fears and bringing and end to procrastination and perfectionism
  • Prioritizing and getting things done!
  • Increased Inner and Outer Confidence
  • EXCESSIVE Happiness

This is a one stop shop for all you need to create balance, and grow into the beautiful, confident and vibrantly happy person you are meant to be.

With Love and Support!

Christine Campbell

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Christine Campbell is the glamorous living proof of the saying “dream your life and live your dream”!
    Raquel Viksten
    Flight Attendant, Sunwing.

  2. Hi Christine,

    I love your work and would like to interview you for my upcoming video summit, THE POWER OF DETOX: How to activate your metabolism, burn fat and lose weight fast.

    I chose you as an expert because your knowledge in Fitness & Health and well-being can help many people in achieving their goals towards a healthier life.

    All interviews are approximately 40 min. long and pre-recorded to make it easier on your schedule.

    Please let me know if your are interested in participating and I can take it from there.

    Thank you, Janaina

  3. If people focused on investing in themselves as much as they do their career true happiness would result ! Christine will provide the blueprint for this transformation.
    Great work + long overdue……………….

    Brent Underdahl
    CEO Ironman Marketing

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