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The Love Yourself Slim SummitYou may not know this but your complete weight loss journey, whether you succeed or fail is fueled by your mind. What goes on in that head of yours has EVERYTHING to do with the current state of your body and life.

This is the foundation of myLove Yourself Slim Summit”. It’s starts from within. 

In this summit you will discover EVERYTHING you need to finally succeed at weight loss  to keep it off for GOOD!”

I have carefully and strategically selected 21 of the world’s top weight loss, health, fitness, emotional eating, weight loss and self love experts for this summit.  Each of them will provide you with the best tools and advice to help you lose weight and feel incredible!

This event is virtual. You can tune in anytime, anywhere, and on any device. As a bonus, each expert is also giving away a free gift that you can only get when you sign up here! 

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

“This diet/pill/doctor will be the one that works!”

“I ate too much, I’m a bad person”

“I broke my diet, so I’m a failure”

“I have to eat something to get through this tragedy/overwhelming task/stressful moment”

“When I lose weight, I’ll be loved and accepted more. I’ll be beautiful.”

“I’ll start my diet on Monday, until then, I’m going to EAT”

I get it.  I know exactly how it feels to struggle with weight loss, cycling diet after diet and using food to deal with life’s challenges. I also know, after 15 years of trial and error, exactly how it feels to finally succeed and have the knowledge and self control to reach, then stay at my ideal weight. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s completely life changing!

You may be at a point where losing weight is something you want so badly, but something is still stopping you from taking action. This event will help you see just how possible it can be, when you no longer believed you can,  to finally succeed!

For absolutely FREE you will have all the tools you need that will get you to your weight goal.  Not only the diet and fitness advice you need, but the healing tools you need on how to get past emotional eating, how to stay committed to your diet and how to create a healthy relationship with food, your body and your life!

This is available to you, right now!

 Sign up here to get access! 

This is just a little taste of what you will walk away with…..

  • How to stop eating when you no longer want to eat
  • How to choose healthy food when you do want to eat.
  • How to stop Hiding and start Living!
  • Learn to face the challenges in your life without turning to food to cope
  • Learn how to stay committed and motivated to your weight loss goals.
  • Understand that your weight is a symptom and learn what that symptom is
  • Learn to transform your “I CAN’T's” (limiting beliefs) into ”I CAN, I WILL and I DID!”
  • Learn a variety of refreshing and exciting nutrition and fitness plans to kick start your new journey and so much more…..whether you have 10 pounds or 100 plus pounds to lose this summit WILL make a difference for you.

Access your FREE ticket to this event now. Sign up here!  

With love and support,
Christine Campbell, CHHC

“Empowering Women through Enhanced Health, Beauty and Self Love” 

 PS. Please share this event with any women you know who have been struggling with their weight – believe in the power of sharing and make a difference in someones life today. 

{Green Smoothie} Tropical Blueberry Coconut Cream

blueberry Green smoothie










I made THE BEST Green Smoothie this morning! I drink them literally every day and I experiment often but sometimes I hit the jackpot!

I’m in the process of mastering Raw Food for Weight Loss so I’m practicing new raw food recipes ~ due to this I had some shredded coconut hanging out in my kitchen – which surprisingly isn’t normal but it will be now!!

Here is my Green Smoothie concoction of the day!

Tropical Blueberry Coconut Cream


  • 1 ½- 2 cups unsweetened Coconut Milk
  • 3 handfuls Baby Spinach
  • 1 cup Blueberries (Frozen or Fresh)
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 tbsp Shredded Coconut (or more if you want it really Coconutty!)
  • 2 cups ice


  • 1 scoop of Vanilla Flavor Vegan Protein Powder (my favorite is by Plantfusion)

Just put all the ingredients above into a powerful blender, blend until smooth and Enjoy!

You will LOVE this one!!

With Love and Support,

Christine Campbell, CHHC


Don’t let the Easter Bunny Sabotage your Weight Loss Goals!

Family Photo 1992

Family Photo 1992

Growing up, Easter was as exciting as Christmas in my family!

My parents were the best!

My mom and dad would write 15 to 20 clues on little pieces of paper that led my 3 older siblings and I all over our home to our Easter baskets. Sometimes it would take ALL day if the clues were hard.

I remember the competitive nature between all of us as we raced to be the first to find our basket, and then the pure joy of stuffing our faces with chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs and bags of candy once we discovered our pot of gold!

It was a day full of laughter, warmth, love and joy…..and stomach aches!

As much as I miss Easter as a child with my family……I am SO GRATEFUL for the memories.

Today, I don’t know what I would do with a basket full of chocolate! I have kicked my sugar cravings to the curb along with the extra 5000 calories!

This is my Easter advice for you when it comes to staying on track with your health goals……Do not let the Easter Bunny Sabotage your Weight Loss Goals!

  • Enjoy this Easter but continue to be disiplined with your food choices. Eat a plateful of greens and fruits first, drink plenty of water, and continue to avoid the “white” foods. Usually Sugar and Bad Carbs!
  • Remember why you want to be healthy and slim. If your mouth starts to salivate and your cravings are going crazy - note how far you have come, applaud yourself for your current success and visualize what you will look like when you hit your goal. Is that extra serving really worth it now?
  • Stay committed to your goals. Success is all about commitment and consistency. Remember that. Once you hit your goal – you can have a little more flexibility (If you even want it ; ) )
  • Do not let other’s judgment on “that healthy eating thing you are doing” deter you from your decision. This is your body, your life and your health. Stay confident in your decision, be proud of your discipline and be grateful that you are doing your body good. You are one day closer to your goal.
  • Join the party and stop lingering by the food! Food and your weight may have always been your comfort zone – go socialize, have fun and get uncomfortable!! That is where real transformation begins!

Relate ”Easter” with down time, QT with friends and family, fun and relaxation INSTEAD of with ”Food”.

Take a silent moment to be grateful for all that you have and really SHARE your gratefulness with affection, kind words and thank you’s to your loved ones.

Good luck, stay committed, go for the salad first and hug a relative!

Happy Easter my Beautiful & Strong Friends,

Christine Campbell

Want to share an Easter WIN with me? Please comment below!

The Top 5 Ways To Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Plan!

Commitment to weight lossCan you smell that? 

That’s Bikini Season right around the corner! The good news? You still have over 2 months to get ready for it!

I, personally, am on it full force. I just finished a 3 Day Green Juice Cleanse and have been hitting the gym HARD! 

The cleanse was amazing (not easy) but I really noticed the benefits. I lost about 2 pounds and feel lighter, energetic and focused. It’s a great way to jump-start your countdown to summer health plan! 

My cleanse was actually inspired by the fact that I hurt my back two weeks ago. Weirdest thing! I just woke up and was in pain! I think it’s because I turned 38 last month…..I’m getting old!

Let me share with you how frustrating it was to not be able to work-out, let alone move. I am NOT your naturally slim girl so if I don’t workout regularly I gain weight quickly! The cleanse helped keep my weight down while I healed, and now, I am back to being 100% AND 2 pounds lighter! Whoo Hoo! 

In addition, I’m spontaneously heading to San Padre Island this weekend so all the more reason to lean up quickly! 

If staying motivated and committed to your fitness goals is a challenge for you  - and I know it is because 75% of you shared that with me in my survey – here is some advice to help!  

The Top 5 Ways To Stay Committed To Your Weight Loss Plan!

1. Get an Accountability Partner

This could be a friend, a trainer or a health coach (like me). Make sure you choose someone that will NOT let you off the hook. Also, choose someone that is ALREADY focused and motivated if possible. Even better, choose someone that has the body, mindset, lifestyle and routine that you want to have. Role models are KEY.

2. Set Smaller, Specific Goals

If you set huge or unrealistic goals your chances of quitting are, quite frankly, huge. Instead of setting the goal to lose 40 pounds, set the goal to lose 5 pounds. Determine how and when you will hit this goal.

- I will work out 5 days a week. 30 minutes high intensity cardio, 30 minutes strength training,

-I will cut out sugar in all forms until I hit my goal.

-I will drink 3 liters of filtered water a day.

- I will work out in the mornings and I will stop eating 3 hours before bed.

-I will hit my goal in 3 weeks.

THIS IS ENOUGH. This is doable. When you lose 5 pounds set a new goal with a supporting how and when. Repeat as needed until your ultimate goal is reached.

3. Reward Yourself With Each Goal Hit

Working towards a reward is very helpful (especially when you make smaller, quicker to reach goals ; ). You reading my mail here? (Lot’s of rewards!) Here are some examples of what I mean….

Reward 1 – a massage

Reward 2 – a facial

Reward 3 – a mani and pedi (If this isn’t your norm. Although it should be – a woman’s hands say a lot about her!)

Reward 4 – a new outfit, shoes, a purse – whatever you feel is a “treat”.

Reward 5 – a weekend get-a-way to a swimsuit mandatory destination..which leads to my next tip.

4. Plan a Trip to a Swimsuit Mandatory, Skin Bearing Destination

Nothing is worse than sitting on a hot beach or by a beautiful pool covered in clothes! C’mon, you’re better than this and you can do something about it! Plan a trip and BUY THE TICKETS to a place where you have to strip down and wear a swimsuit. Backtrack your little goals so you will hit your goal weight by the date of your trip. Commit to looking your best on this trip – I don’t need to say more. This one works great once you make the decision you will NOT be covering up but flaunting your goods!

5. Work Out in the Mornings

After a long day it can be really tough to rally up the energy to work-out. Although mornings can be tough too, once you develop the habit it makes sticking to your goals A LOT easier. You will have to go to bed earlier most likely but give it a shot and stick to it for (mini goal) 1 week. Celebrate. Repeat.

There are a ton more of these ideas but I’m a less is more girl.Give them a shot – all of them together.

I promise you – they help tremendously!!!
With love and support,

Christine Campbell, CHHC

Please share with me in the comments which tip you like the most!!

Christine running in the LA Marathon – for 6 seconds……

Now this is how a Glamorously Healthy girl runs a marathon! Lol. Check it out!

I was out with my girlfriend and just happened to have run smack into the LA Marathon…how could I resist but join in on the festivities!! I’ve never done a marathon but WOW what an amazing event to be around! There were DJ’s blasting music on the streets, people cheering and supporting the runners, street entertainers, people dancing all over the place and it was LOUD! It was a HUGE party in LA basically! I loved it! I’m definitely going to do it next year!!

What’s even more interesting is the timing of this event. My business coach is an avid marathoner and tri-athlete and she profoundly believes that committing to, training for, and then accomplishing races will change your life and they way you commit and work through life’s challenges.

I completely agree. The way you do one thing is the the way you do everything.

Let’s say I said to you – “Get up tomorrow morning and go for a run”.

Would you do it or would you come up with a reason not to?

Listen carefully to the excuses that immediately pop into your mind…..

“I can’t. it’ll be too hard”.   Where does the fear of failure or feeling pain/discomfort stop you in life?
“I don’t have running shoes.”  Where does the lack of coming up with a simple solution or inconvenience stop you in life?
“I can’t, I have bad ankles”  Where does the fear of the unknown or fear of taking risks stop you in life?
“I can’t, I’m going out tonight and I’ll be too tired”  Where does your social life or the resistance to make sacrifices for a better you hold you back?
“I don’t run.”  Where does stubbornness or the need for too much control keep you from growing?

OR are you the Rock star type that understands the task, accepts the challenge and accomplishes it without hesitation. This is the mindset of a successful person.

These are just a few examples of how just simply the IDEA of going for a run can reflect the way you think and behave and why you are currently in the place in life that you are. Be that in a GREAT place (a Rock star) or a struggling place (you need to go for a run.)

This exercise also extends into actually doing the run and the way that you start and finish it. Take close notice to your thoughts as you continue through the run. When you see a hill do you feel anxiety about the upcoming effort and slow down. Do you stop and turn around when you get a little tired? Do you surpass your goal and decide to add on a few more blocks?

You will see very clearly how you are showing up in your life/business/lovelife by simply doing this mental run exercise.

Get prepared to learn exactly what you are made of. When you know, either congratulate yourself or take note and start making some mental strength shifts.

I would love to know your experience and what you learned about yourself! Please share with me in the comments below!!

With love and support!
Christine Campbell

24 Hours of Happy – Instant Mood Booster!

Who doesn’t want to be happy 24 hours a day!

I had to share this website with you,,  because I thought it was brilliant!

It is an instant remedy to a bad mood! Pharrell Williams, the singer that is very well known for his hit song “Happy” put together a site that plays his song all day everyday with clips of random people dancing all over the place.

It will make you not only smile but possible laugh your butt off!

I love inspirational, positive people!

Get Happier by clicking here. Coach’s orders! lol.

With love and support,

Christine Campbell, CHHC

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You are Good Enough

You are Good EnoughYou are good enough. You do deserve to be happy. You can have a healthier, more energetic and peaceful life.

Isn’t that a relief to know?

And here you thought it wasn’t possible for you!

But it is possible. The only thing standing in your way is _____________.


Whatever just popped into your mind when that blank spot appeared is your hurdle. It’s your excuse. It is what is stopping you from having the life you want.

Guess what. You can jump this hurdle.

The “belief’s” the hold you back are simply that. Belief’s. Otherwise known as limiting belief’s because they “limit” your potential.

These come from emotional traumatizing life experiences, being told damaging things as a child that conditioned your thinking today, your role models, your classmates, your siblings…..influences that you “believed”.

You are all grown up now. You no longer need to let those traumas, experiences, abuse or words define your value, worth or your potential today.

The beautiful thing is, you have the choice to stop letting the past affect your future.

You can choose to confront, accept, heal, then LET IT GO.

Simpler said then done? Sure. But possible, absolutely!

The key is to decide to stop settling and make up your mind that the way you are currently living is UNACCEPTABLE.  You need to be willing to force yourself out of your comfort zones into the “scary” zones so that you can finally start moving forward and upward towards the life you dream of.

It is within your reach. It just takes work!

All the things that are holding you back…Fear of failure, of success, of being seen and heard, of rejection, of feeling pain, self doubt, overwhelm, too much responsibility, not enough money, access weight, comfort, procrastination, lack of clarity….

These “things” can be stomped on, broken through and only a mere memory but you have to act, and you have to act now. It’s just common sense.

I stand with complete certainty that you can stop suffering if you are ready to do so.

If you aren’t, well then, we are back to square one. YOU standing in your way, settling.


Break the cycle.


with complete love and support,

Christine Campbell, CHHC

Easy Tool to know EXACTLY how many calories a day you need to reach your goal…..

it-not-about-how-bad-you-want-it-its-about-how-hard-you-are-willing-to-work-for-it-via-freaks_of_fitness-quote-life-fitness-goals-motivation_lI just tied up week 2 of my Focus T25 weekly workout plan! 6 workouts DONE. I am feeling awesome – leaner, more toned stronger and my cardio is improving! I LOVE how the “just 25 min a day” is working for my mindset. 

On long days when I sometimes would crash on my couch I’m like Christine – it’s 25 minutes! DO IT! 

So far, perfectly on schedule and the results of my commitment and disipline are showing!! 

How are you doing? 

Did you start your own 60 min challenge?? 

The key is to create a short plan that you KNOW you can do and accomplish it. Then step it up and set another plan – and accomplish it. Baby steps are easier!!  

Along with my fitness plan I’m following a 1600 calorie a day diet right now – 3 meals at 400 calories, 2 snacks at 150.

I discovered this cool calorie calculation tool to help you figure out EXACTLY how many calories you need to burn and eat daily to reach your desired weight goal. It’s awesome! 

Try it here! 

SO, 6 more weeks to go! If you are on this challenge with me let’s keep it going!

If you are just getting started Good Job!

The key to success - do not give up! When you have a set back. Pick yourself up, re-commit and move forward!

With Love and Support,

Christine Campbell, CHHC

Get fit with me! I’m on a 60 day challenge!

Focus-T25-ShaunSo I have officially committed and am one week into my second Beach body 60 day home training series and I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds!

I’m impressed! I’m doing Focus T25 with Shawn T.

Just 25 minutes a day, five days a week (double up one day a week). It’s really hard but its such a short workout that I find it easy to fit into my day and to push myself through.

I will say, I’m fit but those first 4 days were TOUGH. Thankfully by day 5 I felt stronger with a lot more energy! Also my appetite went through the roof! I decided to follow the 1600 calories a day guideline as well just so I can really share my honest opinion about this video series.

So far, so good! It’s healthy, clean food and enough to keep me energized and satisfied!

I really like these short 30, 60 and 90 day training plans because it keeps me focused and with a “finish line” to work towards. If you have trouble consistently going to the gym you should try shorter more targeted goals like this. they are fun and they work!

Two years ago I completed my first 60 day workout called Insanity. The name is a perfect fit – it is an extremely “insane” pure cardio based workout but SO worth the pain, sweat and tears! I looked and felt the best I ever had when I finished it.

Since then I have just been doing my random 5 workouts a week but not really focusing on a specific goal so….. here I go again!

If you want to join my journey and get super fit with me then commit to a challenging workout plan for the next 60 days and let’s do this!!

If you want to do the same workout I’m doing you can buy it on amazon. Just click here!

My goal is 10 pounds GONE and bikini body back in time for an upcoming tropical vacation!

What’s yours?

With Love and Support,
Christine Campbell CHHC

Losing Weight Like a Hollywood Celebrity

Jenna Dewan Tatum


I was flipping through a celeb gossip magazine the other day that was all about “Hollywood’s Secret Diets”. The cover showed a very VERY trim Jenna Dewan Tatum (Channing Tatum”s wife) on the cover. I swear she just had her baby like, yesterday! It made me think about the “lifestyle” that these celebs have and due to being in the public eye and holding themselves at such a high standard when it comes to their image how MOTIVATED and COMMITTED this causes them to be. True they have trainers and chefs to keep them on track as well as ridiculing fans taunting them if they don’t loose 50 pounds overnight after giving birth BUT the impressive thing is so many of them have such great success when it comes to rapid weight loss! They are really driven by their desire to look as good as possible as fast as possible! And regardless of their extra help we all know these celebs are the ones doing the painful work to get their results!

This led me to think about all of us “regular” people and how hard so many of us find it to stick to our goals. If you put yourself into the mind/life of these celebrities, they HAVE to do it. So what would make you HAVE to do it? Think about it.

If you could create a NO OTHER CHOICE reason to reach your goals what would that be?

A health concern, opportunities in relationships or career you know you could have IF? Perhaps a dream you have given up on that would suddenly become reality with just a few lifestyle changes and commitment?

We all have the ability to do this.

You do whatever you need to do to not be homeless right? You make sure, no matter what that your children, family or pets are protected and safe. You do things you don’t want to do, make sacrifices, bend over backwards, get uncomfortable, spread yourself thin when it comes to care-giving and survival so why not when it comes to taking care of YOU and your well-being? Why is it so easy to “give up” on you?

Make the choice now to make YOU worth looking and feeling your best. You do deserve it and seriously, If those darn celebrities can do it, so can you! ; )

So, What is your No Other Choice Motivation?

I would love for you to share in the comments below!

With Love and Support,

Christine Campbell CHHC